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*SEASONAL SAMPLING OF ITEMS IN TINY'S CSA BAG.  For actual bag contents, check out the weekly newsletters members received in their bag each week last year.  The newsletter lists the contents of the bag for that particular week along with recipes most suitable for the items included in the bag. -click here-

APRIUMS: An early season apricot/plum hybrid cross, Tasty Rich.

CHERRIES: Six varieties of cherries available for a period of four weeks.

PLUOTS: Hybrid cross of plum and apricot. Eight varieties throughout the season.

MIXED GREENS: Several interesting mixes throughout the season.

PLUMS: Seven varieties scattered throughout the orchard. 

NECTARINES: Four white and yellow flesh varieties.

TOMATOES: Heirloom selections: Incredibly rich, delightfully intense tomato flavors.

PEACHES:  Ten varieties harvested from June to October

DONUT PEACH: Two very low acid white flesh varieties.

APPLES: Shamrock, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Gala, Golden, Pink Lady and more.

APRICOTS: Three varieties including a new peach/apricot cross.

SUMMER SQUASH:  Eight Ball, Jaune et Verte, Costata Romanesco, Flying Saucer.

WINTER SQUASH: Five varieties including Delicata, Spaghetti and Sweet Dumpling

CUCUMBERS: Three varieties--True Lemon, Boothby's Blonde and American Genuine.

SWEET PEPPERS: Several varieties including Bianca, Red, Chocolate and Apple

CANTALOUPE: One traditional and one new variety called Oro Rico.

MELONS: Honey Pearl Honeydew, Sweetie #6 and Sun Jewel.